Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks

The North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks (NCAMC) is an organization dedicated to serving the multi-faceted needs of the municipal clerk. As a service organization comprised of municipal clerks, we are committed to uplifting and enhancing the professionalism of municipal clerks across the state. We strive to provide high quality education and networking opportunities to allow clerks to determine and implement Best Practices to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we serve. We recognize that the position of municipal clerk continues to evolve, and now -- more than ever -- we must view ourselves as "contemporary" clerks.  We embrace the history of this time-honored government position as we seek to serve as modern day leaders in our communities. We humbly serve one another, and we realize that the best service we give is our knowledge and ideas that we share with our peers, and the NCAMC provides the structure for this service.