Setting Our Course

Welcome New Members

GREENSBORO, NC – At its annual banquet, the NC Association of Municipal Clerks swore in its new President, Lisa Stites, on August 21, 2021. Lisa is a Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) currently serving as the Town Clerk for the Town of Oak Island. She has been heavily involved with the Association for 11 years having served on numerous committees and providing support to incoming clerks, especially as COVID-19 continues to loom over the United States.

“I am very grateful for all those clerks who came before us, for all those who had the foresight to create a group in which they could network and share information, learn and grow in professional development, and work to elevate the position of the municipal clerk. Here we are, decades later, with those same goals and purpose,” she said recently.

Lisa hopes that clerks who otherwise could not have been involved with the Association take advantage of joining a committee as most meet virtually during this time. Meeting virtually prevents clerks from being required to take time away from the office to participate at in-person meetings.

Before becoming a municipal clerk, Lisa served as a Deputy Clerk to the Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court, as well as a journalist in Southport, NC.

Lisa added, “we’ll also be looking at the structure of the organization, including the committee structures. It is so important that we work to continually meet the needs of our members, because the membership is what it is all about.”

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys traveling, photography, and working with her craft cutting machine to design cups, decals, and iron-on stencils for apparel.

For more information about the NC Association of Municipal Clerks (NCAMC), or to contact Lisa, visit


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