Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks

Submitted by: Dale MartinDaleMartin

As cost for tuition, fees, books and housing continue to skyrocket, the NCAMC Scholarship Committee becomes more important than ever before.  In 2014, the Committee was tasked with reviewing 21 applications which was more than ever before and with the knowledge that only five scholarships could be awarded. 

The NCAMC has been fortunate enough to budget funds for two $1,000 scholarships awarded to a rising high school senior or current college student to continue their education.  Funds are also budgeted for three $300 scholarships awarded to Clerks seeking certification.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of the President, Immediate Past President, First Vice President, Second Vice President and Program and Education Committee Chairperson, with the President serving as chairperson.  At the President’s discretion one or more non-clerks can be selected by the President to serve on the committee when choosing the recipient of the college scholarship.

The Chairperson will solicit applications for both college and certification scholarships through the Minute by Minute, the Clerk’s website, the Clerknet and any other means appropriate each year in March and April.  An April 15th deadline has been established over the last several years for receiving applications.  Once the deadline has passed, the Scholarship Committee will meet to review the applications and select recipients based on criteria as established by the Board of Directors. 

A report is submitted to the Board of Directors at their June meeting. A highlight of the August business meeting and banquet is the announcement and awarding the scholarship to the recipient when they are able to attend the Annual Conference. 

The NCAMC is so fortunate to have very good partners such as Municipal Code and American Legal.  Both organizations have been very generous to the Clerks and have provided funding for scholarships over and above what the NCAMC has been able to provide.  The Association is so appreciative and thankful for their support.  Thank you Dale Barstow and Rich Frommeyer for your continued support.