Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks

SPOTLIGHT: Our president is a shining star!

Miata melody shuler


President Shuler has been a clerk for the last nine years [deputy clerk for 3 yrs. and clerk for 6 yrs.]. When she first started out in 2012, she attended the Clerks’ Certification Institute where they took the Myers Briggs assessment. This was the first time she had ever taken an assessment like this and the results were very revealing. She was an extreme introvert!  Although she knew this about herself, the results made her realize that she needed to adapt by pushing beyond her comfort zone and doing things she was uncomfortable doing. This was so hard, but she did it! In 2016, she took the assessment again and found that she was teetering between introversion and extroversion. What this meant was that she was able to choose how she would react to situations based on the information that she was given. As a Clerk, this skill has allowed her to expand her possibilities as well as navigate many difficult situations. To this day, she is always pushing beyond her limits to see how far she can go! She is allowing herself to dream the impossible!!

When asked what she felt like it takes to succeed as a Clerk/Deputy Clerk, she lists the following:

  • Integrity and honesty.
  • Minding your own business and not sharing confidential information.
  • Knowing where the line is and not crossing it.
  • Not only be willing to fail, but also willing to own mistakes and make the necessary changes to avoid them in the future.
  • Enjoy the times that are good and tread lightly when they are bad.

Her most memorable moment as a Clerk/Deputy Clerk was her induction as President of NCAMC. The circumstances of her swearing-in were not the norm and it was very difficult at first.  She had to find the bright side and focus on the positives. She had overwhelming support and encouragement from the Town of Waxhaw’s Board of Commissioners, Town Manager, department heads and staff.  She felt honored that all the board members and Town Manager made it a priority to attend her swearing-in and cheered her on once everything was said and done.  The department heads and staff were also watching virtually. Most importantly, she felt showered with love from all her clerk friends who sent thoughtful gestures in the form of a card, email, text, phone call, etc.  She really appreciates everyone’s love and support! Our association is great because of you!!

If President Shuler could learn to do something well she would learn how to lead really well! She is actually doing that right now as President of NCAMC!  She is so thankful for this opportunity to lead our organization this year. “The factor that makes us successful as an organization is we don’t rely on one leader, but many, to do the good work of the Association. It is all based on teamwork!!”-President Schuler

She will continue working on developing her leadership skills throughout her career!

What made President Shuler answer the call to be a Clerk?  Like many of us, she just happened to stumble across a job opportunity for a position in local government as a Customer Service Clerk in the Town of Wingate (2008). She didn’t realize it at the time, but this job was going to be her saving grace. Previously, she had been working at a bank where the conditions were very stressful due to management and their foothold on her. This experience created health issues that she lives with to this day.

Her real passion for local government did not develop until a couple years into service. She was promoted to Assistant Town Clerk at the Town of Wingate and was sent to attend a class at the School of Government, Introduction to Local Government (2011). It was here that a fire was kindled and her pursuit of learning about local government would begin. Over the next few years, she learned about local government, but more specifically, everything clerk.

Fast forward a couple years to 2014.  She was still learning, but felt she had reached her peak of growth in her current position and that she had more to offer. An opportunity came available for a town clerk position at the Town of Waxhaw, which she immediately acted upon and was offered the position. Why Waxhaw? Waxhaw was originally shared with her by Oma (her husband’s grandma) who loves the downtown area, specifically the art, bead and coffee shops. She shared her love for Waxhaw with Melody and it very quickly became her love. In her mind, Waxhaw was the place to be!

So, what made her answer the call to be a Clerk? It was her passion for local government and the opportunity to make a difference in her community.  She loves clerking because of the people she serves (co-workers, fellow clerks, etc.). Most of all, she loves the challenge to learn something new every day!

She is excited to come in and complete her job every day because of the unknown challenges that the day holds. One of her strengths is adaptability, which means she goes with the flow and lives in the moment by effortlessly adjusting to the various challenges throughout the day. When she gets to work, she does not make a list of action items for the day, she allows the day to unfold so she can adapt to the unknown challenges. Of course, she does have established priorities that need to be accomplished, but it is left open as to which one she concentrates on first. Most often, she welcomes change, especially if it is positive.

When asked what her favorite non-professional activity is, she says, “I love driving my Mazda Miata with the top down, music up, wind in my hair and sun on my face. After a stressful day, I can drive for just a few minutes and all my troubles go away. To be honest, sometimes it does take a little longer, but give me a few good songs and I am good to go. It is hard to explain, but I absolutely love it!”

President Shuler’s credentials and her service to the NCAMC are impressive and are listed below:

  • IIMC Clerks Certification Institute completed in 2012
  • CMC received in 2013
  • NCCMC received in 2014 and re-certified in 2020
  • MMC received in 2016
  • IIMC and NCAMC member since 2011
  • Master of Public Administration earned in 2019 from Appalachian State University
  • Publicity Committee Member – August 2014 to 2015
  • Website Committee Member – August 2015 to 2017 (Chair – FY16-17)
  • Program & Education Committee Member – August 2014 to 2019 (Chair – FY17-18)
  • Scholarship Committee Member – August 2016 to 2020
  • Executive Committee Member – August 2016 to 2017
  • District Director 8 – August 2016 to 2018
  • 2nd Vice President – August 2018 to 2019
  • 1st Vice President – August 2019 to 2020
  • President – August 2020 to current