Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks


The Committee shall serve the President and/or Board of Directors for special projects. 

The Past Presidents Committee is comprised of all Past Presidents.

The Committee will be utilized as assigned by the President and/or Board of Directors for special projects as needed. The Committee will be responsible for conducting a workshop in August for the newly elected officers and an orientation at the January academies for all persons interested in serving on the Board of Directors to assist with educating them on the role, responsibilities and expectations of members serving on the Board of Directors.

1. The President will appoint the Chairperson to serve as Adviser
2. The President may assign a project for review and recommendation by the committee.
3. The Committee Chairperson works closely with the President and/or Board on assigned projects.
4. Once project is completed, the Committee Chairperson will make a presentation at the next Board of Director’s meeting.
5. The Chairperson prior to the expiration of his or her term shall review this portion of the Association Handbook and furnish the incoming President with written recommendations that would improve the efficiency of the committee based on experience in working with these guidelines.