Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks


To assist new clerks in developing effective and efficient methods of discharging their responsibilities through practical training programs and through the use of mentors.


One member from each of the four regions and a chairperson to be appointed by the President.  Two of the members should be clerks with 1 to 3 years service to ensure that the committee is cognizant of the concerns of new clerks.


  •     Publicize and promote the WSOS program.
  •     Recruit clerks with at least 3 years experience to serve as mentors.
  •     Match new clerks with appropriate mentors.
  •     Monitor the mentoring relationship.


  1. The Chairperson shall arrange for an article promoting WSOS and describing its mission to be published in the NCAMC newsletter at the beginning of each Association year.  The article should also include an interest questionnaire for new clerks to identify those who want training and a volunteer form for experienced clerks to recruit mentors.  Mentors must have at least 3 years experience as a city clerk.  To facilitate mentor matches, the Chairperson should contact the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association at the N.C. League of Municipalities or the Membership Committee Chairperson for an up-to-date list of all municipal clerks.
  2. After the questionnaires are returned, mentors and new clerks should be matched according to size of city, range of duties, and proximity.  Each match shall be for one year and renewable if needed.  If there are more mentors than new clerks, the names of those not being utilized shall be placed on file for future matches and they shall be kept informed on the activities of the active matches.
  3. The Chairperson shall confirm the arrangements with mentors and new clerks by letter or e-mail.  Mentors should be made aware of their responsibility to contact the new clerk as soon as possible with an offer of help.  Services include, but are not limited to, moral support and encouragement by answering questions, assisting in the preparation of ordinances, minutes, agendas and budgets, explaining parliamentary procedures and offering tips for effective council meetings.
  4. Responsibility for monitoring participants in WSOS shall be divided among the committee members on a regional basis.  Each committee member shall quarterly call all new clerks and mentors assigned to them to ensure that new clerks’ concerns are being addressed and that the mentor role is not unduly burdensome.
  5. If the new clerk so desires, the Chairperson may offer to consult by phone, letter or personal visit with the mayor, council or administrator/manager to encourage the new clerk’s participation in training for educational and professional opportunities within the Association.
  6. Special attention shall be paid to new clerks at all general events sponsored by NCAMC.  Particular emphasis shall be placed on the Annual City/County Clerks’ School held in January each year.  The program for the school shall include a special social gathering and a special training session for new clerks.  The Chairperson should consult with the Program and Education Committee to offer any insight or assistance in planning and implementing events for new clerks.
  7. In early November, a letter shall be sent to each new clerk with information about the Clerks’ School and encouraging him or her to attend.
  8. Each month mentors shall provide the Chairperson with a progress report of their activities for the prior month.
  9. New clerks and mentors shall complete an evaluation form prior to the Annual Conference and the Chairperson shall compile a report.  (See Appendix for Evaluation Forms.)
  10. Summarize year's events for Annual Report and provide picture to the Annual Report coordinator by June 1.
  11. The Chairperson, prior to the expiration of his or her term, shall review this portion of the Association Handbook and furnish the incoming President with written recommendations that would improve the efficiency of the committee based on experience in working with these guidelines.