Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks


Expand and maintain the membership of the Association and encourage IIMC membership.


Contact and attempt to enroll every municipal clerk in the state as an active member of the Association and strive to obtain the membership goal set by the President each year.


The membership committee is composed of fourteen members, including a chairperson appointed from the membership at large, the IIMC state membership chairperson, and twelve district representatives.


  1. Contact the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association at the N.C. League of Municipalities for an up-to-date list of all municipal clerks.  A list shall be provided to each director with member designation.
  2. Each district committee member shall contact each non-member clerk within his or her district and issue a personal invitation to join the Association.
  3. At regional schools and conferences, set up a table to accept dues and encourage membership.
  4. In February, mail a reminder to all clerks when new municipal budgets are in preparation.  All clerks should be encouraged to submit a request for the municipality to pay membership in the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks and IIMC for the upcoming fiscal year.
  5. At the January Clerks’ School and the Annual Conference, make routine reports as requested by the resident.
  6. Summarize year's events for Annual Report and provide picture to the Annual Report coordinator by June 1st
  7. The Chairperson, prior to the expiration of his or her term, shall review this portion of the Association Handbook and furnish the incoming President with written recommendations that would improve the efficiency of the committee based on experience in working with these guidelines.