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Certification is designed to enhance the job performance of the municipal clerk and to offer the necessary tools to meet the challenges of the profession. Education and networking with other clerks provides a strong foundation for a successful municipal clerk.

Three certifications are available for a municipal clerk: CMC – Certified Municipal Clerk, MMC – Master Municipal Clerk and NCCMC - North Carolina Certified Municipal Clerk. Both the CMC and MMC certifications are granted by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) in conjunction with the UNC School of Government. The NCCMC certification is granted by the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks in cooperation with the UNC School of Government.

Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC)

To earn the CMC designation, extensive education and pertinent experience is required. An IIMC Clerks' Certification Institute is offered through the UNC School of Government. Applicants must first be a member of IIMC, and then apply and be accepted into the school, which is held for 20 days over a one-year period of time.
Additional information is available from the UNC School of Government and IIMC.

Master Municipal Clerk (MMC)

To earn the MMC designation, a municipal clerk must first obtain the CMC designation from IIMC. The IIMC offers a MMC Academy, which provides participants the opportunity to learn about the more complex municipal duties. The requirements include an extensive educational component, professional and/or social contributions and a commitment to lifelong learning. Additional information is available from the UNC and IIMC.

North Carolina Certified Municipal Clerk (NCCMC) 

Initial Certification:

To earn the NCCMC designation, a candidate must be a member of the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks for two years. All candidates must meet certain criteria and complete an application. Additional information is set forth in the NCCMC Program Information Sheet. Use the Continuing Education Record Sheet to keep track of your classes and seminars.


Re-certification is required every five years, beginning July 1 of the year certification was received and ending the year certification expires. Re-certification as a NCCMC can be maintained as long as the Clerk obtains 30 hours of continuing education and participation every five (5) years.  The NCCMC Designation & Re-certification Application is  available on the NCAMC website,

Scholarships are available for the CMC and MMC clerk certification programs.