Welcome to the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks

Clerk Spotlight on www.ncamc.com

Approved Guidelines:

  • A clerk may be featured only once every two years, unless they are in a particular featured role for multiple consecutive years.
  • The NCAMC Website Committee is responsible for all random selections.
  • The NCAMC Website Committee is responsible for working with the featured clerk to obtain the information to be uploaded to the Website each month.
  • The NCAMC board of directors will revisit this every year to consider changing the spotlight option used, and it is the responsibility of the NCAMC Website Committee to bring this to one of the board meeting agenda.
  • The website committee will determine the monthly spotlight. Features may include, but are not limited to, highlighting the following:
    • Clerk of the year
    • Mentor and mentee
    • Small sized town clerk (population up to 2,000)
    • Clerk who attended his/her first school for new clerks (as part of the annual clerk school)
    • Medium sized town clerk (population between 2,001-10,000)
    • Clerk's innovative initiative/idea
    • Large sized town clerk (population 10,001+)
    • SOG clerk certification institute graduate
    • NCAMC committee or board member