Love Being a Servant
Welcome New Clerks!

Greetings to all our NCAMC Members!


I L Worley.jpgwould like to thank the association members for putting your trust in me to lead you through the next year. Although, it is never the work of one person – leader or otherwise – that makes what happens in this association happen. There are so many people behind the education, networking, and camaraderie we experience here. So, to all of you, thank you for everything.


This website is a resource for all – those members looking information on our wonderful association, as well as non-members looking to join or to just see what we are all about! Feel free to peruse the site and contact us with any questions. This is YOUR resource!


Through all the tasks we conquer as clerks, our greatest JOY becomes what we can do for others and give to others, and how we can help them grow and prosper – professionally, spiritually, and personally. This, I believe, is true success. And this, my friends, is exactly how Clerks function daily – helping others, building each other up, serving communities of citizens, elected officials, staff members, and… each other. This is certainly why Clerks are the true MEASURE OF SUCCESS!


I am honored to be a part of the most distinguished group of professionals this state has to offer, and I look forward to a wonderful year with you all!


Leighanna T. Worley, MMC, NCCMC

NCAMC President

Clerks: The Measure of Success