Alice Lloyd

The Mayor of the Town of Pittsboro recognizes the life of a Town Clerk is one of multi-tasking: drafting the all-important Board minutes, guiding the new Mayor in protocol and Robert's Rules, supplying publications for the Board members, training new employees including the Town Managers and organizing work sessions, just to name a few.

Mayor, Cindy Perry, says Alice Farrar Lloyd has been multi-tasking her whole life from raising three children, now babysitting grandchildren, caring for aging parents, attending committee meetings for her church and community organizations and in serving as Town Clerk for the Town of Pittsboro (now in her 43rd year).

After four decades, there are many advantages for Town Clerk Alice Farrar Lloyd.  She knows almost everyone in the Town of 5,000.  She knows the former Mayors, the grocery store clerk, the preachers and teachers and many times she knows more about their family tree than they do.  Now, who were your people?  Alice probably knows.

And, if you are new to Town, she greets you with a warm and welcoming smile that makes Pittsboro your home, no matter where you came from.

Alice was hired by the Town of Pittsboro when she was still in high school. The Board minutes were in disarray and the Town sought the most personable student and best typist from the local high school.  Amusingly, several of Alice's former teachers take credit for the recommendation and hire, but it is Alice Farrar Lloyd who gets the credit for the excellent service to the Board and for her longevity and commitment.  She has the good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness which parents and grandparents seek to instill.  Alice epitomizes those honored qualities. Her innovation has made it possible to have the minutes, audios, ordinances and resolutions online for public inspection.

From typist to Town Clerk was a quiet and steady climb over the years.  As is needed in a small town, Alice wore many hats over the years: utility billing clerk, tax collections clerk, receptionist and personnel record keeper.  She was made Town Clerk in 1991 and since then has been indispensable every step of the way and her Mayor and Board know her worth!