SPOTLIGHT: A Year as NCAMC President

Dora Moore.1


Immediate Past President Dora Moore says when she began her journey as President a year ago, she was excited yet scared. She wondered how a small-town municipal clerk would ever be able to handle the duties of NCAMC President.

The year kicked off with the NCAMC Board meeting in Raleigh and, shortly following, the NCLM Conference in Raleigh. The week following the NCLM Conference, she was in Chapel Hill meeting with the association’s Program & Ed Chair, the County President, the County Program & Ed Chair, Trey Allen and Carla Stowe to begin planning for the January City-County Clerk Academy. In between these events, she was part of two Clerk of the Year tree dedications. September/October wrapped up with speaking at the Clerk Certification graduation and the 2016 calendar year rounded out with the second quarterly NCAMC Board meeting in Raleigh.

 The new calendar year kicked off with the January City-County Clerk Academy and NCAMC business meeting in Durham. Quickly on its heels was the IIMC Region III meeting in Birmingham, AL in February and the third quarterly NCAMC Board meeting in March. The latter part of March and April brought the NCAMC regional meetings across our state. Dora was able to attend three of the four meetings – Leland, Wilson and Cramerton. After a short break, she celebrated Municipal Clerks Week, attended the IIMC Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada, and attended a retirement luncheon for Jayne Danner, Kernersville, in May. The Scholarship Committee met and the fourth NCAMC Board Meeting was held in June. The year ended with great education, fun and fellowship at the NCAMC Annual Conference in Atlantic Beach.

 Around all of these wonderful events, congratulation letters and/or emails were sent to CMC/MMC recipients, Clerk Certification graduates, NCCMC certification recipients, scholarship recipients and others as needed. Resolutions were typed and mailed to those clerks fortunate to embrace the next chapter of their life called retirement and to those clerks who were heartbroken this year with the loss of a loved one. Articles were typed for the NCAMC monthly newsletter and quarterly IIMC Region III newsletter. She also exchanged many texts, emails, and telephone calls with NCAMC Officers, John Phelps, Athena Banks, Program & Ed Chair Amy Miller, IIMC Region III representatives Lisa Vierling and Pamela Smith, Trey Allen, Carla Stowe, IIMC representatives and other NCAMC committee chairs.

 In the midst of all the NCAMC duties, Dora never missed a step in maintaining her duties as Rural Hall Town Clerk, even taking on new job responsibilities and planned/prepared for the retirement of Rural Hall’s Town Manager of nearly 44 years. Somehow (she says only by God’s grace, but we know it was also talent and two-stepping), she was able to continue to support her children in their activities and achievements, participate in school trips and enjoy some vacation time.

 She says she is in awe as she looks back over the events from the past year. She feels blessed to have been able to accomplish so much with minimal sacrifice. Though she reports there were times she felt overwhelmed and wondered how she would juggle everything, she feels privileged, honored and humbled to have had this amazing opportunity. Immediate Past President Dora Moore says she will always be grateful for and will never forget the opportunity to represent the NCAMC and her community, Rural Hall, locally and internationally. She adds she will always cherish the memories she has made on this journey and adds “if this little girl can do it – anyone can!”